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What is Rent Reasonable?

Rent Reasonable is a service for housing authorities to perform comparative analysis for designated subject properties to assure:

1)  A fair rent is paid for units selected for participation on the Section 8 program, and

2) The program does not have the effect of inflating rents in the community.

Why is it needed?

The U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development implemented Indicator #2:  Rent Reasonableness under the SEMAP requirements.  Each Housing Authority with a Section 8 Voucher Program must certify annually they have complied with all indicators under SEMAP, including Indicator #2.

     How does Rent Reasonable comply with SEMAP, Indicator #2? exceeds the requirements of HUD's recommendations under SEMAP by utilizing a long standing HUD-Multi-family notice 00-12 issued to provide guidance for licensed real estate appraisers for rent comparability with the portfolio of Multi-family units.   This system has a proven approach and is one that landlords in the Section 8 Voucher program will understand when presented with over market units.

Link Directly to the Notice 00-12 Procedures for Preparing, Submitting and Reviewing Rent Comparability Studies.

Link Directly to SEMAP CFR.

How to get the Rent Reasonable service.

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